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Buy Local

Buy Local

Wellington Shire launches local shopping campaign

Motorists will notice a new marketing campaign by the Wellington Shire encouraging Gippslanders to support local businesses.

The words Buy Local have been added to the Shire's entry and exit road signs on the Princes Highway.

Wellington Shire Mayor Cr Alan Hall understands online shopping is a reality but hopes residents will begin to focus more locally.

"Even more important is that people recognise and support their local businesses.

"I've be known to say on lots of occasions: browse globally but buy locally.

You can have a good look around the world and see what's going on but then pop into your local shop and see what they've got, and support them."

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The addition of the Buy Local message to road signs is the first part of a range of measures Wellington Council will be employing to stimulate the local economy.

"We'll be looking to roll out a marketing campaign. We're working on developing that now so we can attract more shoppers and more visitors as well.

"Right now though, the issue about attracting visitors has bee hit for a six with the continuing outbreak of Covid-19 in Melbourne. So this is a chance when can all just support each other."

Wellington Shire Council's campaign is local for now, but will be aimed statewide when the Melbourne lockdown eases.

"In this changing market, up until this week, domestic tourism is clearly what's going to substitute for international tourism and this is going to be a highly competitive market," Cr Hall said.

"So we're all going to be competing in this really tight space.

"For a lot of people, even Victorians, they may not have had a Gippsland experience, so that's going to be our advantage."

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