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Fight has just begun

  • Fight has just begun

CMFEU says the flight for Heyfield jobs has only just begun

A rally for Heyfield mill jobs will be held at Trades Hall, 54 Lygon St Carlton on Tuesday March 21st at 11am.

CFMEU members have today voted to fight on to defend jobs at the Heyfield mill.

CFMEU Victorian District Secretary Frank Vari said today;

“Members have made it clear their jobs are not for sale. We don’t care who owns the mill – it’s the jobs that matter.”

"As far as the workers are concerned, they are boxing on. The mill is too important to our members, too important to the community of Heyfield and too important for the industry."

“The Union is calling for an open, honest and robust discussion about ensuring that the mill has the wood supply it needs to keep its workforce. We do not accept what VicForests is saying about the availability of timber.

“They are hiding behind the issue of the Leadbeater’s possum and yet they are not prepared to be open and transparent about exactly what is going on. If we don’t take a stand now, the whole industry will soon be starved of supply.

“A working group has been set up to look at those questions with Minister Pulford and it hasn’t concluded its work yet.

“We say leave no stone unturned to keep jobs.

“VicForests cannot put the issue of the timber resource and the Leadbeater’s possum into the too hard basket – these issues need to be tackled.”

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Vari has said that the workers are after three particular things:

1) They want the mill to be saved - they will not cop the mill closing

2) They want answers and certainty regarding the resources

3) They want long-term security

Frank Vari concluded;

“Until we have an open and robust discussion and get to the bottom of these issues we are not copping what VicForests are saying.”

The CFMEU also called on the whole of industry and supporters to attend the rally on Tuesday.