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"Like bombs going off"

"Like bombs going off"

CarbonNet wakes 90 Mile Beach residents early

Residents living near Golden Beach are concerned about loud sounds coming from a seismic survey, in which scientists are using sound waves to map the sea floor.

It's part of the CarbonNet project, searching for suitable locations for carbon capture and storage.

Coby Jones said the noise started yesterday, long before daylight.

"At 3am it was like bombs going off outside in the ocean. Really loud, there was a bit of a rumble right through the ground.

"It woke up my three kids, the dog's barking, and it hasn't stopped.

"I'm directly living in the area but people who are living 30 kilometres away in the next town can hear it also."

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Another resident, Peter Kailaris, also contacted us yesterday, saying: "It woke us up at about 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and it just kept going every 20 seconds."

"It was like a booming sound going through.

"It was vibrating the house.

"The dog was barking off his head. Obviously dogs are more sensitive and it's like ringing in their ears."

CarbonNet is managed by the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, and funded by the state and federal governments.

What is the CarbonNet project? Click here to learn more:

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