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Lockdown model railway

Lockdown model railway

A model of accuracy: Walhalla pair recreate the UK’s Woody Bay station

A hobby being pursued during the Covid-19 lockdown is gaining national and international attention by model railway enthusiasts.

Proprietors of Walhalla’s Star Hotel and Greyhorse Cafe, Russell Wright and Michael Leaney, have been quite creative by building a very accurate re-creation of the UK's Lynton & Barnstaple narrow gauge railway and the Woody Bay station.

The project actually began when Russell bought two carriages five years ago but really came to life this year.

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“We visited the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway while on holiday in the UK in 2015,” Michael said, “and while we were there, the last two carriages were for sale in the shop… and Russell bought them.”

“And that was the end of that! That was the spark that ignited what we have now.”

See the full story HERE, including how the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway is now twinned with the Walhalla Goldfields Railway, along with photos and a short video of it in operation.

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