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More Big Cat Sightings

  • More Big Cat Sightings

A black panther sighting has been reported and video recorded by Yinnar man

The legend of black panthers roaming Gippsland has resurfaced...

On Tuesday November 7, the Yarram Standard Facebook page posted "Black Panther reported sighting by Yinnar man. Caught on video."

Over the years, there have been many sightings of big cats by locals.

In 1997 on a farm near Woodside, something deadly was on a killing spree. The unknown predator had cost the Woodside farmer, Elizabeth Balderstone, thousands of dollars, slaughtering more than 400 sheep in two years. Overshadowing the killings were the sightings of two enormous cats on the property - one brown and one black. 40 kilometres away in Binginwarri, dairy farmer Ron Jones was losing livestock to a mystery predator too and claims he saw the cat(s) multiple times.

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In 2006, the Herald Sun reported there were secret government files confirming big cats were breeding in Gippsland. The documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act, revealing there were over 30 sightings from 2003 to 2006. There were sightings at Binginwarri, Licola, Wellington River, Maffra, Woodside Beach, Glenmaggie and Seaton in Gippsland.

Australia does not have an indigenous cat species - except for one prehistoric marsupial cousin, Thylacoleo Carnifex. Dubbed "the flesh-eating pouched lion", the carnivorous marsupial cat measured 1.5 metres in length and weighed 120 kilograms... and became extinct 40,000 years ago. Or did it