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The felling of Hazelwood's chimneys is about history, and the future

After sitting high and proud on the Latrobe Valley landscape for around 60 years, the eight chimneys of the decommissioned Hazelwood power station were brought down today. After the button was pushed, it only took 60 seconds for them to disintegrate into piles of rubble that will now keep rehabilitation staff busy for months.

It was an emotional event for Valley residents, given how many families had been involved in the power industry. One person to feel it was Cr Kellie O'Callaghan who grew up in Morwell, with strong family connections to the industry.

Listen above for a short conversation with Kellie, and see below for some photos by Ryan Khay of the chimneys falling and for some words by Kellie.

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Just before 12.30 pm on Monday 25 May 2020:

Photos by Ryan Khay


As kids we watched the chimney stacks and they looked to us like a ship at sea. From our very small world, she glistened and sparkled; she was always there.

As we left the Valley, then ventured home, she would be the landmark as you returned over the hill.

No matter how you feel about Hazelwood, the chimneys, the industry or the demolition, do one small thing today, if you can.

Give a thought to those who envisaged the opportunity she would bring, those who built her, those who worked in her and those who we lost during her time.

Many good people have a connection to this station, and her history in this community has been forged through the hard work of many.

For some today is just about a demolition. For others it is a great deal more.

Hazelwood Power Station has been part of our significant and essential industrial history, and today as the chimneys fall, something will be erased from our landscape but not our memories.

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