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Paying for your surgery

Paying for your surgery

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Should you be able to access your super for other purposes?

It's not common or well known, but there are cases where you can get your hands on your super, without retiring.

In 2016-17, some fifteen thousand Australians applied for early release super on medical grounds, according to new figures. This is up from 4,000 in 2010-11.

Expensive IVF and weight loss surgery were among the top reasons people gave for accessing their nest egg sooner.

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According to Australian Medical Association President Michael Gannon:

"Things like weight loss surgery, things like infertility are highly emotive, we're talking about vulnerable patients."

"What we don't want is vulnerable patients being taken advantage of in a system and making financial decisions they might regret in the future."

Acting federal treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer said the government was undertaking a review which will report back in 2018.


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