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Bairnsdale Advertiser photo supplied by Tim Bull's office

Safety Barrier Probe

Safety Barrier Probe

Bairnsdale Advertiser photo supplied by Tim Bull's office

Tim Bull asks for further investigation into a particularly dangerous stretch of road

Following the Victorian Auditor General’s (AG) report confirming VicRoads' planning for installing safety barriers on the state's highest risk rural roads has been "insufficient", Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has asked for a specific investigation into the Princes Highway between Bairnsdale and Sale.

Mr. Bull says he has "spoken to the AG and asked that he consider a separate report into this stretch of road, which has had a spate of serious heavy vehicle accidents, and which truckies who travel the country refer to as the worst section of Highway they’ve seen,”.

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Third party concerns from road safety experts, freight companies and emergency services workers, along with photos of heavy vehicle accidents that have occurred, have been provided to AG for the further investigation.

A major concern is that the road is too narrow, claimed to be the result of earthworks and vegetation offsets, which Mr. Bull hopes will be at the heart of what will be investigated, along with the claim the centre barrier is too close to fast moving traffic.

Mr. Bull is hoping this further investigation by the AG will have the problems properly addressed and some solutions recommended.

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