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Vegemite Pie

Bairnsdale's Patties rolls out a Vegemite pie!

Here's how to make something very Australian, even more Australian!

The latest creation from Patties Foods at Bairnsdale goes on sale today. It's Vegemite in a meat pie.

The Four n Twenty pie has cheese, along with gravy infused with Vegemite. It's a marriage made in culinary heaven!

“2017 is a historic year for both our brands," said Four’N Twenty marketing manager, Mario Matchado.

"It’s the 70th anniversary for Four’N Twenty and Vegemite has moved back into Australian ownership.

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“What better way to celebrate than launching a Four’N Twenty Beef, Cheese and Vegemite pie? We love our Aussie mateship culture and we couldn’t be more stoked to be part of this delicious, historic partnership.”

We found out what the food lovers of Bairnsdale think of this latest food offering from their town. Click the audio above.