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OSMI Australia's proposed Delburn wind farm

Wind farm consultations

Wind farm consultations

OSMI Australia's proposed Delburn wind farm

Proposed OSMI wind farm opens public consultations

OSMI Australia has commenced a process of community consultation as they prepare to build a 53 turbine wind farm in plantation land in the southern Latrobe Valley area.

OSMI has opened a drop-in centre at 7 Christian St, Boolarra – the site of the former Boolarra Emporium. It serves as an information point and local project office and is open 10am-2pm Monday to Thursday.

And local resident Ruth Harper has been appointed Community Engagement Officer.

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The concept plan is the first stage of the design process and community members can have their questions answered and have input into the design of the wind farm.

The concept is for up to 53 turbines with a total capacity of 300 MW and total height of up to 250 metres.

At this scale, the wind farm will cost approximately $400-500 million to construct, offset 980,000 tonnes of carbon per annum and will power approximately 200,000 homes.

A key part of the project concept is to offer the opportunity for community co-investment in the project and a significant community benefits scheme.

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